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  About Essential Web

Essential Web Solutions displays examples of my work as a computer programmer. The Portfolio link offers a list of sites I've worked on, and the Elements link shows samples of web applications. Click on "Contact" if you need to reach me.

Please register and log in at the left to have full control of the web applications in the elements section. Registration is free and is only intended for the benefit of the vistor. Each user can only update or delete the survey or checklist that they created.

Some of the EW skills:
ColdFusion 10.0 PHP 5.2 HTML CSS
JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap AJAX
Photoshop T-SQL PL/SQL MySQL
SQL Server Oracle Amazon Web Services PayPal Developer
Google Wallet APIs XML Flex 4.0 ActionScript 3.0
Crystal Reports 10.0 Microsoft Excel Fusebox Model View Controller
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