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CBS News top stories
Politicians, advocacy groups try to convince young Latinos to vote
Almost 12 million Latinos under the age of 30 will be eligible to vote in November. In 2020, just 34% of Latinos 18-24 voted in the U.S.
Hydrothermal explosion closes off Yellowstone National Park's Biscuit Basin
The hydrothermal explosion took place near Biscuit Basin's Sapphire Pool on Tuesday morning, erupting boiling water and steam into the air, officials said.
Menendez to resign on Aug. 20 after conviction on bribery charges
New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez is planning to resign in August, following last week's conviction on federal bribery charges.
Falsehoods about Kamala Harris' race, citizenship status resurface online
Many of the falsehoods have followed Kamala Harris for years and focus on her citizenship status, racial identity and political achievements.