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CBS News top stories
Rep. Katie Porter talks about her Senate bid
Democratic Rep. Katie Porter is running to be California's next senator. Porter spoke to CBS News about her campaign, her opponents, and key issues she is fighting for, like ending the filibuster, and banning lawmakers from trading stocks.
Whale deaths spark debate in New York, New Jersey over offshore wind farms
Ten dead whales have washed ashore on the New York and New Jersey coastline since December. Some local mayors are blaming offshore wind farms for the deaths. Ry Rivard, a reporter for Politico, joined CBS News to discuss the issue.
Police looking for man in connection with 2 monkeys stolen from Dallas Zoo
Two emperor tamarin monkeys are missing from the Dallas Zoo and police believe the animals were taken. Police released a photo of a man they said they want to speak to in connection with the monkeys' disappearance. Janet Shamlian reports.
CBS News obtains video of Trump's deposition in civil fraud investigation
Video first obtained by CBS News shows excerpts of former President Donald Trump's deposition in the New York attorney general's fraud investigation last August. He responded to questioning by citing his Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer. CBS News congressional correspondent Nikole Killion joins John Dickerson on "Prime Time" with details.