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Here is a list of public facing sites I've worked on, as a designer and a developer. Some of the designs have changed since I worked at these companies.

CBS News top stories
Twitter flags Trump tweet with fact-checking label
The label tells users to "get the facts" behind the president's false claims about mail-in voting fraud.
Apple to reopen 100 stores in the U.S. this week
Some of the iPhone maker's retail outlets will require both workers and customers to wear masks.
Thousands of USCIS employees could be furloughed without more funds
USCIS, the fee-funded agency that oversees the nation's legal immigration system, is facing a financial crisis during the coronavirus pandemic.
U.S. to launch first manned orbital mission in nearly a decade
The first manned orbital mission in nearly a decade is less than 24 hours away. The launch will also be the first time America's space program relies on a privately owned and operated spacecraft. Mark Strassmann reports.