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Here is a list of public facing sites I've worked on, as a designer and a developer. Some of the designs have changed since I worked at these companies.

CBS News top stories
Trump attends United Nations General Assembly
The United Nations summit comes amid some fraught relations with foreign leaders
New Hampshire voters worried about trade war and "Medicare for All"
The 2020 presidential campaign marks a big milestone for the state of New Hampshire, it's the 100th year the first presidential primary will be held there
Oprah Winfrey talks Book Club pick with Ta-Nehisi Coates, "The Water Dancer"
Oprah Winfrey has revealed her highly-anticipated new book club selection: "The Water Dancer" by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Winfrey and Coates discussed the pick exclusively on "CBS This Morning."
Emergency back surgery leads to over $650,000 in bills
Frank Esposito, a tool and die maker from Long Island, N.Y., drained thousands of dollars from his retirement account and still owes over $220,000. Complicated and confusing medical bills are a problem for millions of Americans, so CBS News is collaborating with ClearHealthCosts, a journalism company focused on bringing more transparency to the process. "CBS This Morning" national consumer investigative correspondent Anna Werner reports in our new series, "Medical Price Roulette."