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Here is a list of public facing sites I've worked on, as a designer and a developer. Some of the designs have changed since I worked at these companies.

CBS News top stories
Trump speaks at Virginia Navy ship departing for New York aid
President Trump spoke before the departure of the Navy hospital ship the USNS Comfort to New York, the state hardest hit so far by the coronavirus pandemic. Watch his remarks.
Coronavirus updates: COVID-19 cases top 640,000 worldwide
Regions across the United States are seeing a surge in cases.
Trump says he is considering a quarantine in the N.Y. metro area
New York state has the most cases of coronavirus in the country.
EPA cites COVID-19 as reason to suspend regulation of polluters
"The administration should be giving its all toward making our country healthier right now. Instead, it is taking advantage of an unprecedented public health crisis," said former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.