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CBS News top stories
Mark Cuban says he's leaving "Shark Tank" after one more season
Cuban has appeared on "Shark Tank" since 2011 as a permanent investor, or "shark."
Giving back on Giving Tuesday
Last Thursday's leftovers are in the fridge, and the Cyber Monday packages are on the way. Now, it's time for Giving Tuesday. CBS News' John Dickerson shares examples of generosity he's witnessed in the past few days.
What to know about the COP28 climate summit
Diplomats from nearly 200 countries will gather in Dubai, U.A.E., starting Thursday for the U.N.'s annual climate talks. CBS News senior national and environmental correspondent Ben Tracy explains what's on the agenda.
Supreme Court to hear case that could limit power of federal agencies
The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday on a case that could impact the independent authority of every federal agency in the U.S. CBS News legal contributor and Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson joins to unpack what's at stake.